Finishing & Coatings

High-Performance Coating Protection

support platformWe have applied a full range of industrial coatings in our shop. We work closely with the majority of today’s coating suppliers and manufacturers, and we take full advantage of opportunities to become certified applicators of their products.

As a shop, we are SSPC-QP3 certified, which means our management, technical capabilities and quality control procedures all align to ensure the longevity of protective coatings and finishes.

Conventional & Airless Spray – Our applicators are trained in using both conventional and airless sprayers, two methods that allow us to increase production and deliver finished products more quickly than brushing and rolling alone. Sprayers produce an even coat of paint, which creates a high quality finish on all the steel that leaves the shop. We have the capability to spray a wide range of coatings to meet your needs.

Plural Component – Plural component coatings are specially designed to meet the tough demands of marine and industrial settings. We own multiple plural component spray pumps, so our ratios to remain consistent throughout the application process, which eliminates excess waste and prevents equipment damage, saving you money.

Internal Lining – EPAcoat installs a variety of coatings that protect internal pipe surfaces from the effects of corrosion and erosion as well as reducing friction and turbulence in order to increase flow efficiency. Internal coatings also act as protection while in storage and during transport. 

Full Coating Systems – We have the proper training to apply many types of high-performance coatings, including polyuria, Novalac, vinylester, polyester and special hybrid coatings. These types of coatings are usually manufactured with a particular exposure in mind, such as chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, surface movement, surface filling or other types of performance in unique situations.